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Spring torsion testing machine

Spring torsion testing machine

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Product Details
  • Place of Origin:  jinan
  • Brand Name:  chenxiang
  • Model Number:  002

Spring torsion testing machine

Product description:

Basic concepts:

Torque: torque in physics is the value of the moment, is the product of the force and force arm, the international unit is Nm nm. The spring is the role of F in the R arm certain torque, the torque generated by the F = R.

Stiffness: the change of torque / angle of the amount of =K, that is, the stiffness of the spring.

Two) main uses:

1, the torsion spring is in a free state, the stress of torsion to a certain angle of view, torque T is qualified.

3, can be carried out a point or multi-point test to determine whether the spring is qualified.

4, can be segmented measurement, and can calculate the stiffness (elastic coefficient) K and the average stiffness of each segment.

5, the product sampling inspection, can also be carried out in batch testing.

Three) main functions:

1, torque, angle for digital display;

3, with a peak hold function;

4, with overload protection function;

5, with the stiffness calculation function;

6, with data query and other functions;

7, with the results of print function;

8, microcomputer control spring torsion test machine can display the print curve, and detailed data report.

  • Place of Origin:  jinan
  • Brand Name:  chenxiang
  • Model Number:  002
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